Health insurance does not have to pay for cat

The statutory health insurance do not have to pay, according to the social court Dortmund for maintenance costs of a dog or a cat. The court ruled in the North Rhine-Westphalian city on Friday published a decision by which it dismissed the suit of the Insured.

The woman is in a psycho-therapeutic treatment and wanted to achieve that the health insurance reimburses you the cost of running the posture of a dog and a cat. The health insurance company had refused to do previously. (Az. Do E 940-806)

By the care of the animals, the woman was able to gain courage, she says. In the case of a charge of the animals from nerve a medical point of view is to be feared a deterioration of their health condition.

However, according to the court, the law is clear. The cost for Pets were assigned to the “private life”, she explained. That animals affected due to General social functions a positive effect on the Psyche of the Insured, does not make you part of a medical treatment. They were “not as an auxiliary or to qualify for a remedy within the meaning of the statutory provisions”. You may also have a positive impact on the Psyche of the Insured, did not make it to the part of a medical treatment

Exceptions apply according to the court, only for guide dogs for the blind.