Hair care correctly

If the hairstyle does not fit properly, decreases in many women the mood. To Glück doesn’t need much für healthy, gläcomplementary hair

Delicate Curls: A sour Spülung glättet established Haarschübargain

The appearance of my hair is mir  very important, gave more than
90 percent of women in a reprä­sentativen survey on behalf of the pharmacies Umschau. A British study analysis showed that 60 percent of the affected by hair loss women believe, through the optical Verächange have suffered in your career. And, in the case of a scientific study to chemotherapy, the H&auml said;half of the patients, the loss of their hair is the worst part of the entire ­Treatment.

The main thing is that the hairstyle is

What happens to your head, influenced by some of the whole woman. Your well-being, your mood, your self-confidence. According to groß the importance of grooming and Styling of hair. An Online survey of 1000 German women showed: In the morning the pressure of time wü72 percent of the agencies on the ­Make-up dispense, 19 percent wünachl&auml derives;help dress – but only nine percent unfrisiert before the Tür.

13 billion euros, according to Indus­trieverband Köthe body care and detergent 2017 in Germany, implemented with hair care products. The Hamburg hairdresser, Christiane Bork is, however, sure that many of your Kun­toral with less consumption to achieve more wüauthorities. "The question is not, what care needs the hair, but what hair ücare braucht&quot at all;, she says. "Because it is basically a renewable resource. Is supplied to the root of well and the existing hair is not geschädamaged, it does not need Öle nor proteins."

A balanced Ernäcurrency and Büfirst massage, stimulate blood circulation, make the scalp and roots happy. The hair itself remains mainly intact, if it is him Styling Stress as well as chemical Ross treatments such as perming or bleaching ­saves. Then müsse it is only right ge­wash – no witchcraft, says ­Hairdresser Bork.

Cashmere sweater on the head

In the case of your customers, you unraveled zunäfirst, the Haarlängen gently with a soft Büfirst. Then schäyou umt a mini serving of Shampoo – "a haselnussgroße Serving is usually sufficient vöcompletely aus" – in the Handfläwith water and spread it on the top of the head. "Now only the head and skin massaging with fingertips, and then the hair from tangling, and the Shampoo is very grühourly ausspülen", Bork says. The abfließthe end foam the Haarl&auml clean;ngen, without mechanical Stress to suspend.

Anschließend leave the hair without Spülung or cure easily büfirst, so that it glänze. Bork advice: "Make yourself aware of what you are dealing with. A valuable cashmere sweater würde it is also clean according to the instructions."

Additives in the Shampoo, such as Parfüm, dye, silicone, foaming agent, to the advantage of the hair a little. Him Shampoos, for example, with plant-based active washing substances are mild, the best. Particularly gentle and kopfhautverträpossible products are there in the pharmacy.

Feed für the hair

Dr. Corinna Peter dermatologist from Hamburg. In your hair consultation, you often see problems due to incorrect or one-sided Ernämanagement of the patient. Important to know:

  • Dünnerer Köbody, dünneres hair? Extremely one-sided Ernäcurrency führt, sometimes to an under-supply of certain Nährstoffen, which can also have an impact on the hair. But whether Nahrungs­­ergän­zungs­means the lack of k&ouml compensate;can, should a doctor abklären.
  • A möpossible cause für spröof the hair and hair loss köcould iron deficiency be as a result of strong Monats­bleeding.
  • Also, a sub-function of the Schilddrüse can to dry, dücan hair and hair loss füdo

Großcity air in the hair

Even the Shampoo köyou could still refuse, at least say the AnhäViking of the so-called "No poo"-Trends from England. Clean your hair with water only.

Of rät Bork, but from: "Großcity air enthält a lot of suspended solids such as fine dust, with porösen Points to the Haaroberflächen connect. Without surfactants, they are not to be removed." Also on the Land, the air is seldom really clean. Bork opinion nütze tädaily, vernüfuture Haarwäcal, rather than pity.

Mad gl&auml power;shiny

And when the hair appearance, however, once a straw-like? For example by heating air in Winter, and electrostatic charge? First SOS Maßsampling: with a slightly damp Handflächen darürun over. Anyone who wants can ­­anschließend a drop of Feuchtigkeits­lotion in the Häthe RUB and carefully place it on top of your hair and tips.

In hartnästorey Fäcases recommended hairdresser Bork Essigspülungs. You have a tightening effect schließthe Sch&uuml en;bargain layer. The smell disappears as quick, who is skeptical, you can also use the juice of one lemon in a Liter of water. Or according to acting Hair.

Styling with kühlem head

"Hair absorbs water like Löschpapier auf", hairdresser, Bork says. Dry wet hair quickly with großheat, blow up the evaporating Wassermoleküle of certain Eiweißbrühide in the hair fiber. The hair becomes dull and verklettet easily. Therefore:

  • Towel around the wet hair loops, to gently dry drüpress or squeeze, never RUB.
  • Föhn möas possible far from the head, keep away, off Üto avoid overheating.
  • In the direction of growth föstand up. The schließt the cuticle layer and provides für gloss.

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