Every 2. Man makes it wrong! With the proper Penis Hygiene diseases avoid

Still a sad reality in Germany: Many men wash your genitals too rare or too superficial and the risk of infections and even cancer of the penis. A urologist is called the simple rules for optimal care.

Every second German man takes a shower daily and don’t change the underwear every day. That the Affected the risk of a lot of problems, is considered to be safe. “Due to a lack of Hygiene can not only odors, but also to infections and, not least, penile carcinoma,” warns Armin Secker, senior physician at the clinic for urology and pediatric urology, University hospital of Münster.

Penis cancer is particularly aggressive

The penis carcinoma of the hits of 100,000 men. This is a particularly malignant form of cancer that is difficult to treat. Cause of cancer of the penis, among other things, the Smegma under the Plans. This is residue from sebum and dead skin cells. The Smegma is not removed regularly and the area washed, it can develop on this Basis, cancer of the penis. With proper Hygiene, the risk to get these men the cancer can, reduce.

Penis Hygiene: at Least once a day

Only two simple factors belong to the optimal intimate hygiene of man: “a Day with warm water and pH-neutral soap to clean, especially the area under the foreskin”, recommended by the urologist. Whether that happens in the shower or at the sink using a wash cloth that is changed daily, is no matter.

It is useful also to wash each time before sexual intercourse again, so that might not be any remaining pathogens, such as Trichomonas and chlamydia, to the other partner or partners are transferred. In the case of cancer, it is probably the world’s most common sexually transmitted disease. Men feel from this infection usually have little, except for slight bladder symptoms. In women, the scourge of animal cells solve massive problems (bladder infection, vaginal discharge, Burning). Cancer the doctor treated with antibiotics.

Foreskin cleaning and the advantage of circumcision

Especially important the foreskin is for daily genital hygiene. The right cleaning means: foreskin gently push back, the entire glans wash, as well as the inner and outer foreskin (the Foreskin). In this way, the sensitive area is kept clean, Smegma is produced and therefore significantly less odors and infections as well as malicious changes.

Therefore, men who are circumcised, so no foreskin to have more are, by the way, on these issues, with a clear advantage. “The cleaning of the Penis is simplified,” says the urologist. Smegma is not formed in the case of the Circumcised, you have a significantly lower risk for penile cancer and other diseases in this area.

Wrong Penis Hygiene

For all other men the most important factor remains when cleaning the Genitals the foreskin. Excessive Washing and harsh Soaps you should avoid, however. Such measures can harm the sensitive mucous membrane on the Penis, the protective acid mantle of the skin to hurt and to cause, in turn, irritation and inflammation.

After Washing, careful Drying is not on the Penis is absolutely necessary, “it is important, however, the groin region dry, so that there, in the crease, no fungal infection can make,” advises Armin Secker.

Special care for the Penis and shave

In addition to these measures, additional hygiene AIDS are not necessary. Various Penis care products with Shea butter, vitamins, green tea extract and other ingredients, “have no beneficial medical effects,” says the urologist.

How does the expert in the subject of intimate shaving, which is often recommended because of improved Hygiene. “Shave that simplifies Penis Hygiene, on the contrary,” says the urologist. You could lead to injuries, which means then also the portal of Entry for pathogens.


Daily, gentle cleansing of the Penis and testicles, then, is not only to prevent odors, but also from a medical point of view for the prevention of diseases is important. And, not least, the daily cleaning is also associated with an inspection of the Genitals, causing pathological changes at an early stage to discover.

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Every 2. Man makes it wrong! With the proper Penis Hygiene diseases avoid

Still a sad reality in Germany: Many men wash your genitals too rare or too superficial and the risk of infections and even cancer of the penis. A urologist is called the simple rules for optimal care.

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