Elton John told about how he died, Freddie mercury

Legendary British singer and songwriter sir Elton John told details about the last days of the legendary musician Freddie mercury. Elton also told how he received a Christmas gift from my friend few weeks after Freddie died of AIDS.

After the release of the biographical film about the life of Freddie mercury “Bohemian Rhapsody” interest in the frontman of the famous band Queen rose again. 71-year-old British singer and composer Elton John has told details about the last months and days of life Freddie mercury. Sir Elton admitted that he was shocked when he learned that his close friend not only are HIV-infected, but became a victim of AIDS. Freddie mercury was a public person, but he preferred to conceal information about his personal life from many people, including friends. For example, the official information about Freddie’s AIDS was announced literally the day before he died 24 November 1991.

“Of course, he knew he was dying and that his days are numbered – said Elton John. But Freddie mercury was an incredibly brave man. He continued public appearances, kept up with the Queen, continued to remain funny and generous person. I saw his health deteriorated and life became unbearable. All of Freddy’s body was covered with marks characteristic of the disease of Kaposi’s sarcoma. It broke my heart when I saw how AIDS is destroying his body, and Freddie are no longer able to just stand in the last days of life.”
Just a few weeks after Freddie mercury died, oplachivali his Elton John received an unexpected gift from someone that was no longer in the world. The man knocked at the door of Elton John and handed him wrapped in a regular pillow case package. Inside was a picture of Henry Scott Tuke – one of the favorite artists Elton John. Freddie mercury decided to send the painting to a friend as a gift after his death. The gift was signed svoebrazny: “Dear Sharon, I think you’ll like it. With love, Melina. Happy Christmas”. The joke of Freddie mercury and Elton John called each other female names – Sharon and Melina. (READ MORE)