Drug Commissioner calls for ban on all Smoking products advertising

Germany is the only country in the EU, in the cigarette manufacturers for their products are allowed to advertise. As Minister of health, Jens Spahn, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken out now, the new Federal drug Commissioner Daniela Ludwig (CSU) for a ban on outdoor advertising for Smoking bans of any kind – including E-cigarettes.

“I call for a ban on the advertising of all Smoking products, whether conventional cigarette, E-cigarette, vaporizer or heater, no matter whether with tobacco and nicotine, or without,” she said to the Newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND). Necessary to have a clear “control, which leaves no loopholes until the end of the year”.

In particular, in the Union, a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising is controversial. In the last legislature, a start-up for an outdoor advertising ban on the opposition of the Union was a failure. The Cabinet agreed to 2016, although a draft tobacco advertising on billboards and to prohibit in the cinema, from 2020, to a large extent. The bill was then decided, but never.

At the beginning of this year, came into the deadlocked debate movement. The professional politicians of the Union in the Bundestag agreed largely to the fact that the existing restrictions should also be on outdoor advertising expanded.

Advertising is aimed at young people

Ludwig is particularly concerned with the protection of the youth: she didn’t want to talk about small, that could help cigarettes to adults, although the conventional cigarette away, said the CSU politician. “But we must not let young people be seduced to VAPE.” If the tobacco industry is advertising with e-Liquids that tasted like chewing gum and Popcorn, “then, is not quite clear that this is aimed at adults, the require wants to”. Here it is the Response of young people.

Electric cigarettes, in which nicotine-containing liquid is evaporated, gained in the past years, the world enormously in popularity. The last several lung diseases and deaths, however, were brought to the U.S. with the Smoking of E-cigarettes in conjunction. However, the products are not regulated in the US as strict as in Germany.

German experts say that E-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. (Read more here about the risks of E-cigarettes.)