Died Creator of “Last tango in Paris”

One of the greatest Directors of world cinema of Bernardo Bertolucci has died on 78-m to year of life in Rome. Behind movies, which are referred to as undoubted masterpieces.

Bernardo Bertolucci became famous as one of the brightest representatives of the new Italian cinema of 60-s and 70-ies. He boldly touched the taboo at that time, topics, touching on incest, group sex and homosexuality. One of the most famous movies of this film Director is a picture of “Last tango in Paris” with Marlon Brando in the title role, which became almost the most controversial film of the 1970s for the explicit sex scenes. Of course, the movie is great not for nudity, but for the astonishing skill of the Director and lead actors.

Behind Bernardo Bertolucci such famous films as “twentieth century”, “Moon”, “the Tragedy of a ridiculous man” and “Little Buddha”. In 1987 Bernardo Bertolucci made the film “the Last Emperor”, dedicated to the last Chinese Emperor, whose life was developing on the background of world wars and revolutions of the twentieth century. For this picture of his was granted the award “Oscar”. It was very popular and the movie “the Dreamers”, which appeared on the screens in 2003. The last wizard was a picture of “me and you”, which premiered in 2012.

Bertolucci was sick a long time, he fought with cancer. This explains the fact that over 5 years he has not filmed a movie. The Director died in Rome, and the place and date of funeral to be announced. Along with Bernardo Bertolucci took a whole era in world cinema. (READ MORE)

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