Detection of breast cancer: a guide to Palpation

Because early breast cancer does not due to pain or other symptoms, it is recommended gynecologists for all women, once a month breast self-scan. How to do this best, read here.

According to Figures of the German cancer society, about 75,000 women with breast cancer per year in Germany. Just under a quarter, about 17,000 women die from it, among other things, because the cancer is sometimes detected too late. The health insurance company Barmer indicates in a press release. "Unlike other diseases, breast cancer is not due to pain. Instead, changes in breast and nipple, as well as hardening of tissue in the breast and lymph area to a disease of the glands in the armpit hindeuten", Dr. Ursula Marschall, senior Physician at the health insurance explained. The regular Scanning of the breast is therefore very important.

Self-sampling: a step-für-step guide

  • In women before the menopause, the breast is the tissue on palpation best a week after the start of the final rule. At this time, it is particularly soft. In young women with pronounced glandular tissue, it may be normal that this feels very client deemed. In women in the menopause, breast tissue often feels softer.
  • Make sure there is good lighting and a quiet atmosphere.
  • Self-examination is best both in, for example, in front of a mirror, as well as in the Are carried out.
  • Keys to your breast with flat finger tips of the middle three fingers &ndash set; systematically and comprehensively, to the outside up to the outer edge of the chest muscle in the direction of the armpit (in case of a lowered Arm), up to the area of the clavicles.
  • She circles several times in each position, and vary the pressure of the fingers, to feel the tissue just under the skin as well as in depth. Squeeze your nipple to see if you are secreting liquid.
  • You look at your Breasts in the mirror in terms of size and changes to the skin of the Breasts and nipples.

In the case of these symptoms, you should get a Gynäthe Crimean state medical Institute go to:

  • Nodes in breast tissue: nodes are only of a certain size palpable (one to two inches) and can not move. They feel firm to the touch and not pain usually.
  • Nipples: Suspect subsidence of Parts or the whole of the nipple, inflammation, bloody and one-sided secretions, as well as changes to the skin
  • Size and movement behavior of the breast: A change in the size difference and different behavior of the Breasts while Lifting the arms should be clarified to be.
  • Skin changes: Sudden changes in skin texture (large pores) and non-evanescent redness and inflammation can a warning sign be.

The self-examination does not replace the early detection examination by a gynaecologist. With increasing age, the risk of developing breast cancer increases. Women over 30 years can, therefore, carry out once a year, an early detection examination. Between 50 and 69, it is recommended for women every two years a mammogram.


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