Daylight in your office improves sleep

A recent study from the USA comes to the conclusion that office workers are more sleep and more powerful, if in the daytime, more sunlight is shining into the office. The results are in the journal "International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health" published.

The researchers carried out the study, an Experiment in two adjacent offices, which differed only in the lighting. People who had worked in an office was, in the through a special glazing for more daylight could think of, slept an average of 37 minutes longer. In comparison to the employees in an office with traditional blinds also your mental performance benefited: they performed in cognitive Tests, 42 percent better. After a week, the staff exchanged the offices, again with similar results, where the positive effects of sunlight in the course of the week increases.

Sleep problems the health damage in the long term

Good sleep is important, stresses the American heart Association (AHA): it is Not the heavy eyelids, poorer attention and Yawning were the real Problem, but the long-term health problems that can cause lack of sleep. Among them are strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 Diabetes, depression, Overweight and obesity. Prof. Michael Grandner, from Tucson said: "It’s like with nutrition: Every cell in the body benefited from it in any way. When you sleep, it is similar."

To a good night’s sleep, you help a lot: in addition to regular sleep times, it helps to relax before going to bed and the body on the rest &ndash prepare; so how to slow down a car before starting from a highway.