Current Figures and graphs to the Coronavirus – USA today with more cases than China

At this point you can gain with daily updated maps and graphs an Overview of the spread of Sars-CoV-2 in the world.

Research Covid-19

Former WHO coordinator: "A vaccine may have no great significance."

By the way: A detailed Overview of the Coronavirus infections in Germany you will find here

The data in the graphs below come from the American Johns Hopkins University. Below, first, an Overview of the countries with the most infections, and about where it was, so far, most of the deaths.

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Coronavirus: So Sars-CoV-2 spreads worldwide

The world map provides an Overview of the global infection location. Click on “back” and “next”, you can switch between the total infections and daily new infections back and forth.

Click on the “Play”Button after signed the global spread in the time-lapse.

A proportion of the total population 65 years and older

In addition to people with weakened immune systems or pre-existing conditions, the Coronavirus is mainly for older people is a big risk.

The above map shows the proportion of people in age 65 years or older in the world. The source for the data, the world Bank.

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