Coronavirus: Weakens social Isolation the immune system?

To slow the spread of the Coronavirus, were taken a number of measures for social distancing. Loneliness, a loss of employment and family conflicts are often the result. Such stress factors could influence the susceptibility to virus infections, will show research from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania.

The psychologist Prof. Sheldon Cohen has found a number of studies that individuals with social Stress, diseases of the upper respiratory tract were, if they were exposed to cold viruses. He assumes that such stress factors also increase the susceptibility to the virus disease Covid-19.

Both social as well as mental stress factors increased present in its investigations, the production and release of messengers which promote inflammation in response to cold and influenza viruses. This Excess inflammation, in turn, was associated with an increased risk of disease. In a similar way, the research at Covid-19 has shown that the violent production of these messenger substances is associated with heavier fills. This could mean that a Stress-triggered excessive release of these neurotransmitters could increase the symptoms of Covid-19.

At the same time Cohen’s studies have shown that social Integration and support to provide a degree of protection against infections and diseases of the respiratory tract. "If you have a wide social network and social integration, to fit you better. When people realize that people in their social network help them in a time of Stress or Distress, and social support will lessen the effect of the Stressors, and he has less on their health aus", so Cohen.