Celebrity, whose mysterious disappearance stunned the world

Life of famous people always in sight. It seems that the public is watching their every move, but it is not so. History knows a few cases where celebrities have gone almost unnoticed. Their mysterious disappearance gave rise to many theories, and the truth probably will never be known. We have gathered for you the stories of six celebrities that have gone missing.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Amelia Earhart

Michael Rockefeller

Richie Edwards

Rudolf Diesel

The great French writer Antoine de Saint-exupéry was known for not only their works but also because he was a first class pilot. In September 1939, when it became known about the beginning of the war in Germany and France, a celebrity himself arrived at the military airfield and later was transferred to the long-range reconnaissance unit. Not helped even the entreaties of friends, who insisted that Antoine will bring the country more good as a journalist and a writer than as a pilot.

Five years later, in 1944, he wrote to friends that he could not do otherwise, and is not going to leave to fight. Odno, the celebrity said they were waiting for the end of the war, because he had “something to do and after it”. Alas, in the same 1944 he went to his last flight.

Saint-exupéry took off on a reconnaissance flight from the island of Corsica and never returned. No trace of his mysterious disappearance, it was not until 1998, when near Marseille fisherman caught a bracelet with the name of the writer and his wife. It was later discovered the wreckage of a celebrity, but the remains of Antoine was not there.

There are several versions of what happened. For example, researchers believe that the plane was not shot down, and the reason was a technical failure. But there are other views of this mysterious disappearance: some believe that Saint-Exupery voluntarily parted with life, and someone I am sure that the writer is deserted.

Amelia Earhart

Another celebrity in our list, which did not imagine his life without the sky. Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly over the Atlantic ocean. Furthermore, as Saint-exupéry, she was a journalist and writer.

The mysterious disappearance of Earhart unsolved until now. In may 1937, the pilot went round the world flights. Everything was going pretty well, Earhart and her Navigator Fred nunno managed to overcome about 80% of the route. In July 1937, the pilot took off from the town of Lae in New Guinea and in 18 hours had to land on a small island in the Pacific ocean that, according to the standards of the time, it was quite a challenge.

On the island Earhart was already waiting for the officials and the press, but her plane never showed up. Judging by the radio signals, their levels and relationship with Amelia, her plane was supposed to appear over the island, however, was not seen and heard no sign. Soon, the U.S. Navy began the largest in history (at the time) a search operation, were surveyed a huge area, but it was not even found the wreckage.

There are many theories of the mysterious disappearance Earhart, but the fact remains: the search for any traces of the crash Amelia still nothing.

Michael Rockefeller

The great-grandson of billionaires, John Rockefeller, Michael’s childhood was interested in not the money. The boy was very interested in history and anthropology, with the result that he enrolled in Harvard University, which he successfully graduated. Dream celebrity was expedition in Oceania, he wanted to know more about the lives of aboriginal people and collect unique things from their life. This idea was warmly welcomed by the father of a young scientist who provided funds for the trip.

The expedition bore fruit and Rockefeller managed to assemble a collection after a detour of several tribes of aborigines. However, Michael decided that enough collected things and he should definitely go to a cannibalistic tribe of Asmat people. From such a dangerous step, the celebrity refused even people from other tribes, but the scientist did not stop.

In an overloaded makeshift boat Rockefeller, his colleague rené Wassing and two conductors went to the Asmat. But the boat was overloaded, and soon the engine stalled. To shore was about three miles. The conductors tied to his cans of fuel and swam to the shore, and after some time was discovered in the jungle.

Rockefeller and Wassing stayed in the boat, but after a while it knocked over by a wave and they had to drift to the wreckage. In the end, the celebrity decided to swim to the Bank and since then nobody has seen him. Massinga a few hours picked up a schooner.

Despite the fact that the senior Rockefeller spent a lot of money in search of the body of his son was not found. For major versions, Michael could have been eaten by crocodiles or by the Asmat people who took a celebrity for a sea monster.

Richie Edwards

Musician famous rock band Manic Street Preachers Richey Edwards was a very talented, but a rather gloomy person with some mental problems. 1 February 1995 celebrity missing under very mysterious circumstances.

Two weeks before he disappeared, he daily shot at the £ 200 from your account, and January 31, was evicted from a London hotel and drove to his apartment in Cardiff. There he left his passport and credit card, after which information about the Edwards has only strange and unofficial. So, he was allegedly seen in the next two weeks at the passport office and bus station Newport. A local taxi driver claimed that he drove a celebrity in the valleys Blackwood (there was a house of Edwards as a child), and then dropped him near a service station Severn view.

14 Feb Edwards got there the Parking ticket, and on 15 February the Edwards ‘ car in good condition found in the Parking lot at the Severn bridge. This bridge popular with suicides, but no evidence that Edwards jumped in with him, no.

After the mysterious disappearance appeared in various reports that the celebrity allegedly seen somewhere, but none of them was confirmed. Relatives to the last tried to find Richie, and officially declared dead he was just in 2008.

Rudolf Diesel

The inventor of diesel engine Rudolf Diesel was a famous engineer, but not a very talented entrepreneur. In 1913 he finally broke, but did not lose hope – Diesel boarded a ship from Antwerp to London and went to London to open a new plant.

In the log the names of Diesel does not mean, however, that Rudolph was still on Board. In the evening he went to his cabin and since then, the celebrity has not been seen – in the morning the cabin was empty.

The next day the Belgian fishermen pulled the body of a man who supposedly was a Diesel. However, for some reason, the fishermen left in the sea, removing only the rings. Son Diesel said that the rings belong to the father, but the exact evidence that fishermen caught a body Diesel, no.

There are versions that a celebrity was killed or committed suicide due to bankruptcy.