Attention! If you to infect you with these four germs, threatening cancer – Video

Whether or not we develop cancer, is not only in the genes or unhealthy way of life. Cancer can also meet you in a similar way as a flu. In the case of more than 15 percent of the patients tumours to grow triggered by an infection.

Annually worldwide, there are 500,000 to cancer-new cases. A common assumption is that the risk of cancer is already in the genes. But in fact, cellular changes that lead to tumors are due, only five to ten percent of the cases, hereditary.

In contrast, 15 percent of all patients get their cancer by infection. Almost always, these disorders go back to four germs.

1. Helicobacter is a cause of stomach cancer

One of them is the stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori. About a quarter of the German population has it. It is considered as the biggest risk factor for stomach cancer. For 75 percent of all stomach ulcers Helicobacter is responsible. From such an ulcer then particularly easy to stomach cancer. Who will in time have tested positive for the bacterium, it can treat but with a combination of antibiotics and stomach acid blockers.

2. 3. Hepatitis B and C for liver cancer

For liver inflammation, the two Hepatitis viruses B and C are particularly responsible. In Germany they are the second most common cause of liver cancer each year around 8500 people affected here. At least against Hepatitis B you can get vaccinated.

4. HP viruses that cause cervical cancer

Furthermore, the so-called Human Papilloma virus, in short, HPV, causes for cancer can be diseases. Many HPV have only small and mostly harmless infections. Two types, however, are carcinogenic and can cause, especially cervical cancer. They can cause doctors also anal cancer, or cancer of the penis. Also against this virus but there is a vaccination.

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