As Italy is planning to Exit from the Corona-Lockdown – and what you can learn Germany, it

Still, Italy is one of with around 140,000 Patients and almost 18,000 people died of the most difficult of the corona crisis-affected countries. But slowly the light at the end of the tunnel will appear: the First signs suggest that the country has reached the peak of the infection wave, and possibly even overcome, even when experts speak rather of a Plateau, not a summit.

Also, the government has taken note of the positive signals – and is already working on a Plan to lead the country out of the since the beginning of March continuing for the Lockdown. It should already be ready to go next week.

Hans-Ulrich Jörges

Italy and Spain on the brink – when, if not now, should we help them?

Introduction of the “Phase 2”: first the economy, then the people

“Our country is still an emergency, but the curve seems to have stabilised (…). Now we can think of Phase 2,” said health Minister Roberto Speranza at a Meeting of the government with the Corona panel of experts. A Five-points had been drawn up Plan. The Plan is for each Region at different times, different measures.

The introduction of Phase 2 would generally “take place in two steps”, said the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, “first the business, then the citizens.” Up to the 13. April, after Easter, would change nothing. Means: Who does not need to go to the shops or to work, to stay at home. This is observed especially around the holidays, there should be specific controls in the resorts of the country, the government announced. Who is not reported there, or just a second residence, must reckon with criminal prosecution.

14. April: first relaxations for individual transactions

After the Easter Monday, then the first company to receive the approval, your business resume, if they comply with certain safety standards for their employees. In this first swing, especially the book of acts to write-were allowed to open shops and bakeries again. Restaurants, cafes must remain closed, however, get a permit, to be able to deliver your Goods to customers home.

Some of the companies from the Agri – food industry and the machinery and transport sector, may from 14. April back surgery.

26. April: no Cancel exit restrictions, as in Spain

Spain, together with Italy from the corona crisis, the worst affected country, is planning, apparently, the stringent output restrictions from the 26. April should be repealed. The Prime Minister Conte out of the castle for his country: “After all the Sacrifice that has brought Italy, can not be exposed the country to a possible returning infection,” said Conte in an Interview with the “Bild”newspaper.

4. May: correct the beginning of “Phase 2”

On this day, a Monday, ends a day of work-caused, long weekend. The Italian government wants to prevent, according to its own information, that citizens are using this already for celebrations with friends or, even worse, trips through the country. Therefore, it is ushered in “Phase 2” then – and only if the R0-Index, so the infection transmission Rate, close to Zero. This would mean that no infected Italians will infect you further. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow up to this date, more strictly the commandments of the “social distancing”.

First of all, the citizens should stay more at home – but most of the hitherto closed company may from 4. May re-open. However, also in this Phase, for all the companies that you need to protect your employees from infection.

18. May: easing of exit restrictions

On this day, the Italians are likely to wait eagerly: as of mid-may, the government wants to loosen the stringent output restrictions a bit – however, not in all regions at the same time, but only after consultation with the local authorities. In areas with very few and very many Infected (keyword: immunity) to it starting at 18. May be in other areas, it could take until the end of may.


Italy has the Corona-climax – but: "The summit is not a Gipfel"

First of all, the travel bans and curfews will be eased slightly – for example, walks are again possible, as well as travel across the country. After that first “commercial activities should be”, as it is from the government, again. Bars, Restaurants and public venues are reported at the end of the re-opening chain – and even then only if you make it between the tables at a distance of two meters to comply with and to take protective measures for the waiters and the staff. The schools might even stay until after the summer holidays, until September, closed.

Therefore, the plans for Germany are interesting

What plans Italy, could become the model for Germany. Although a little less strict output apply country restrictions, but the public life is lame and that is the us to a large extent. Experts estimate that Germany ranks first in terms of infection events is about two to three weeks behind Italy.


Researchers calculate the end of the epidemic in Italy – what does that mean for Germany?

Interesting will be repealed, therefore, the infection numbers in Italy next week to develop, when the first shops may open it again – and, of course, especially from the middle of may, when the initial lock is slow. The government in Rome has a great fear of a second infection wave, and reserves the right to plans at any time modify, should the case pay back fast to the top. One way or the other, it is expected to take until at least the summer until you can talk in Italy of normality. Health Minister Roberto Speranza has warned: “The danger is still not banned. We still have some difficult months ahead of us.”

The world health organization (WHO) has warned Italy not to relax the measures too early: “There is still no significant decrease in infections, but only a slowdown,” said the WHO. For this reason, we believe that a premature Exit from the Lockdown for “difficult”.

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn announced on Thursday that it could be spoken in Germany, at the earliest, after the Easter holidays, on the first relaxations of the strict Corona-protection measures – and even then only if the current restrictions would be adhered to over the holidays. It was important, the things about Easter “consistently persevere,” says Spahn.

Sources: news Agency ANSA, “Corriere della Sera [1]”, “Corriere della Sera [2]”, Italian-style data center

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