All-clear: Coronavirus-suspected Aida ship in Norway is not confirmed

Among the Scandinavian countries of Norway on the hardness has to fight with the novel Coronavirus. 32 infections with the Virus of Sars-CoV-2 have been registered there so far. Some of the patients are employees of a hospital, such as the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK reported. Suspected cases on a cruise ship in front of the city of Haugesund have not confirmed this.

Two German passengers on the cruise ship “Aida Aura” were suspected to be the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 infected. The ship with about 1200 pass of the Norwegian coastal town of Haugesund, was to act on Tuesday morning in the port. As the cruise shipping company Aida Cruises announced in Rostock, were the passengers to a Couple. One of the two have worked in the past week in an institution, in the meantime, two people a positive effect on the Coronavirus tested had been. Norwegian media is reporting that the two passengers should have had contact to a Person in Germany, which had later been tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Now it was all clear. The Aida Cruises announced the star with: “Against a 15:00 local time, the competent health authorities about the test results informed and confirmed that none of the two guests of the Cornavirus proven to be able to. AIDAaura will continue the voyage.”


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Both of the passengers without any symptoms

The company informed also that the departure of the ship since yesterday evening delay. Actually, the “Aida Aura” had been there in the direction of Bodø to leave. Local authorities would have checked the health condition of the two passengers as a precaution. “The guests were contacted routinely by the competent health authorities in Germany to Check for a medical issue,” says Aida. All of the guests onboard had been informed of the situation.

The shipping company has requested the port in Haugesund before, to be able to one day stay longer, until the outcome of the investigation existed. Teis Qvale, the doctor in charge of Haugesund, said before the test results are that both passengers had shown no symptoms. Aida Cruises has confirmed that both complaints be free. Qvale said to NRK: “These are not people who need a hospital stay or other treatment.”

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Affected Couple was in the country

The rest of the passengers had to remain on Board, the Couple concerned had been isolated from the rest of the guests on Board, the Aida speaker. Shore excursions would not have taken place. According to a communication from the Haugesund municipality, the Couple had participated in any organised trip. However, they would have used a Shuttle that brought you in the centre of Haugesund. About the country, the broadcaster NRK reported. The risk of infection was rated as low.

The “Aida Aura” was on the 29. To broken February from Hamburg from a travel along the Norwegian coast. On Monday, the ship reached its first stop, Haugesund on the southwest coast of Norway. According to the Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet” to the cruise ship, the itinerary, according to the 14. March return to Hamburg. The cruise takes place under the name of “Winter in the high North”.

Coronavirus: Aida meets precautionary measures

As Aida Cruises informs on its website, was introduced on all cruise increased precautionary vessels measures. “Our medical experts work closely with the U.S. centers for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) and the world health organization (WHO), as well as the Robert-Koch Institute to the recommended Screening, prevention, and control implement actions for our ships.”

So about passengers and crew members, traveled to 14 days prior to the start of the trip to China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea or the North of Italy not to take a cruise. This also applies to persons who have had contact to people, in which the Virus Sars-CoV-2 is suspected or confirmed, had been.

Because of the spread of the Coronavirus in the seaport of Kiel has cancelled the Wednesday’s planned opening of a new cruise terminal. A spokesman confirmed on Tuesday. Previously, a number of regional media had reported about it. The arrival of the first cruise ship in the new season, it was for the 26. April planned, said the port spokesman.

Editors ‘ note: The article was updated with the new information to the test results.

Sources: news Agency DPA, NRK, “Dagbladet”, Haugesund Kommune, “e24”, Aida Cruises,

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