A pleasant alarm tone in the morning faster wax

As you awaken, by a loud Beeping or more like a harmonic melody? According to a study by the University of Melbourne can have the Weckgeräusch on how long you will be plagued by morning drowsiness and to perform at his peak. People need to be the same after Waking up fully efficient, should choose, therefore, rather a melodic tone.

Australian scientists have found in an Online-survey among 50 participants that people who were woken up by a melodious Signal, were faster and less sleepy than people whose alarm clock gave harsh alarm sounds. Stuart McFarlane, who led the investigation, said: "One would assume that a frightening Beep Alarm increases alertness, but our data showed that melodic Alarms to do this."

The surprising result could be important for all, the need to shortly after Waking up provide maximum performance, such as firefighters, first responders, pilots: "If you don’t Wake up properly, it can deteriorate your work performance for a period of up to four hours, what with the serious accidents zusammenhängt", McFarlane said.

The researchers believe that a hard beep can interfere with Waking up the brain activity, or confuse, while a more melodic Alarm supports the Transition to the awake state better. Which combinations of melody and rhythm work the best, we know but still not exactly. The results were published in the journal PLOS ONE.