A fixed daily routine and a daily sports: What does the U-Boot everyday for the Isolation of learning

In the case of a it takes longer, for others it goes very quickly: Sooner or later, but to each, of the remains due to the Coronavirus to the home or even in quarantine is on, the ceiling will fall on the head is likely to. Not to be allowed to go out to many leisure activities, to maintain only the absolute Minimum of direct social contacts and to be with the same people over a longer period of time in a confined space, is for the most a completely new Situation and a big challenge.

In some Professions, but as part of everyday life – for example, as a sailor on a U-boat: The crew there has always been only a little room for movement, no other people, and can hardly go out of the way. Most of the U-boats are likely to be significantly smaller than the apartments in which the people for protection against the Coronavirus spend most of their time. So if anyone has tips for the time of social Isolation should have someone with U-boat experience. Jon Bailey, a former member of the British Royal Navy, has been on some of the U-boat missions on-the-go and has told on Twitter of his experience.

A fixed daily routine is crucial

Overall, Bailey has seven tips for all of you, the – Express, we, he, it – now on a “Covid-19-patrol”. First of all, the Briton advised to create routines for the day. He stresses the importance of a regulated daily routine was: “divide your day in work (if you work from home and work), breaks, sports, meals, Hobbies, etc.”


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Secondly, Privacy. Which is found on the high seas is often difficult – who now sits with his family around-the-clock in a small apartment, can understand it well. Bailey advises, in his days of the expiry of a fixed time for self-install by engaged in an activity that does a even good. This time should get all the members of the household for himself.

Thirdly, Eat. “The food on Board was mostly quite good and has interrupted the monotony,” recalls Bailey. You should take the time to prepare meals. And even more than usual on a balanced diet to keep the pounds under control.

Every day 20 to 30 minutes of sports

Fourthly, Bailey advises to make every day “at least 20 to 30 minutes” of sports. The gym is no longer an Option, but many of the Exercises to do at home – for example, with Youtube Tutorials. Sport is a natural antidepressant, concern for variety and health, writes Bailey.

You should also pay attention to cleanliness. The the a lighter and the other heavier. It is very likely, however, that the apartment is also faster dirty, if you are staying longer in it than usual. Bailey says: “Set yourself in your daily schedule a time for Cleaning and stick to it.”

Sixth, it emphasises Bailey, how important it is to maintain contacts. Although this is physically not currently recommended, but thanks to the many digital possibilities, there’s no reason to forego social interaction. Via Skype or telephone, the boat, it is even much easier than from a subway.

As the seventh and last tip, Bailey points out, to lose the perspective: “As with all patrols, this will end.” Important is the view to the front is: “Concentrate on the small things that give you joy, and forge plans for the future.”

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