86 arrests at the Demo in Berlin – the fight against the pandemic further heated tempers

You can see in the Video: 86 arrests at the Demo in Berlin – the fight against the pandemic further heated tempers.

According to the recently some of the limitations to combat the Corona of a pandemic have been eased, increasing the infection rate in Germany is currently estimated to 1.1, such as the Robert-Koch Institute, announced at the weekend. Each Infected infects in order to statistically more than a Person would pay to climb again. This development should be observed in the next days very carefully, because the estimate was, as usual, with uncertainty. SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach tweeted that it was to be expected, “that the exponential growth will return, the relaxations were prepared, in his opinion, “too bad”. For some of the measures intended to curb the spread of the new disease Covid-19 however, for displeasure. In addition to Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne, there were also in the Berlin meetings. According to the police several found in the middle instead of logged-on demonstrations, trouble-free, while on the Alexanderplatz, in the meantime, about 1200 people gathered and were asked to leave the place. In the consequence it came to bottle throws, and attacks on police forces, 86 people had been detained, the police of Berlin. Also in front of the Reichstag building, two speakers drew the attention of the media. According to the police figures, due to the significant Exceeding of the currently approved Meeting, the persons asked to leave the rally. A police spokesperson commented: “For us as police of Berlin, it is important for the Assembly to ensure freedom and anyone who moves within the framework of the rule of law moments, the rally is permitted, we will give here the assurance that he can Express his opinion.” On Saturday, several hundred police in Berlin were in use, on Sunday the situation was calm.