30-Year-old held Coronavirus is a joke and dies after Covid-19-Party

Not only Old and Sick people get seriously ill on the Coronavirus. Also, for younger people, the pathogens can be dangerous, as is the case of a 30-year-old patient from Texas leads again before his eyes. As the Doctor Jane Appleby from the Methodist hospital in San Antonio reported in a Video, the Patient died of a Coronavirus infection, after he had participated in a “Covid-19-Party”. U.S. media, including the regional station “News4SA”, had disseminated the Video of the Doctor on the weekend.

Fatal, Crisis Management

The Corona-Disaster Florida: beaches, full of Bars and now a full clinics

The now Deceased was facing shortly before his death, a nurse, and said: “I think I made a mistake, I thought it was a joke, but it’s not.” The host of the Party had been with the Coronavirus infected more reported to the Doctor. The participants of the Party would want to find out whether the Virus really exist and people can become infected with it. The death of the young patients might “have been avoided” – you feel for the family.

Doctor about Coronavirus: no one is “invincible”

In the Video, the Doctor appeals especially to young people. “None of us is invincible,” she said. “I don’t want to sound alarmist, we’re just trying to name some practical examples, so that our society recognizes that this Virus is very serious and can easily spread.” In the clinic in San Antonio, a number of young people in treatment were currently. Some could be quickly released, others were in a critical condition in intensive care.

Also, the increase of positively tested Coronavirus cases on-site is preparing to the Physician. Almost every fifth Test (22 percent) from the case now to be positive, Appleby. She called on the people to wear masks, and larger gatherings of people to stay away.

Texas is currently one of the most from Coronavirus-affected States in the United States. The Texas Governor had arranged, therefore, a mask is compulsory for a large part of the state. In the USA, the Corona had tapered-crisis last well over the course of the infection reached rates of several days in a row for new maximum values.

Source: “News4SA” / “Johns Hopkins University”

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