With obesity linked to 13 types of cancer

CA magazine has published new research data specialists, the American society for the study of cancer in Atlanta, according to which obesity is related to development of approximately 4% of cancer cases throughout the world. According to scientists, obesity and excess weight contribute to the appearance of 13 types of cancer in various tissues and organs.

In recent years, science has repeatedly presented evidence that obesity is the trigger for the fatal processes in the human body. So, a recent study in the US showed that obesity in women is associated with recurrence of breast cancer, as well as the degradation of the brain. A year earlier, the British biologists have published data showing that obesity can be associated with the development of the 9 types of cancer, the risk of which increases dramatically with every 5 kilograms of excess weight.

Scientists of Atlanta has aimed to test as many cases of cancer in the reality are associated with obesity. To this end, they reviewed all publications on the Association of obesity and cancer among the inhabitants of different countries, published between 1975 and 2016. As a result, they came to the conclusion that obesity contributes to from 13 types of cancer.

“On average, about 3.9% of cancer are directly linked to obesity. In developed first world countries, this share could reach 7-8%,” stated the study authors.
Also, according to them, obesity is associated with a high risk of death in successful removal of the cancer surgically, especially in cases of certain types of cancer of the breast, prostate, kidney and pancreas.

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