Two-year-old girl had to implant a pacemaker

Two-year-old girl who became a patient of doctors hospital (Moscow), had to install a pacemaker. It turned out that the baby has a very rare disease that caused seizures with respiratory arrest and loss of consciousness.

According to mother the girls, the attacks began when the child was a year old. With active games, they are more frequent. Doctors explain that such violations with respiratory arrest and loss of consciousness occur in children is rare. They are generally associated with the nervous excitement or pain, and most often they are observed in children aged from six months to a year and a half. Doctors stress that such a condition is very dangerous – in 15% of cases develops anoxia, convulsions, increases the risk of developing epilepsy.

Year-old girl, faints, initially examined by a neurologist, but after an EKG, they decided that the problem is in the heart, and sent the little patient to a pediatric cardiologist. Was performed daily monitoring of the electrocardiogram by Holter. It showed that the girl arise ostanovku heart – they were the cause of loss of consciousness.

After all required studies doctors hospital came to the conclusion that the child needs to establish a system of permanent epicardial pacing, which makes the heart work when it suddenly “falls asleep” and occur a long stop.

According to the press service of the hospital, a girl, had to install a pacemaker during the surgery well and was discharged home. According to doctors, now the child will be able to actively develop and explore the world, whereas previously any activity led to the attacks.

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