Three-year-old had to treat breast cancer

Living in the Chinese province of Shandong three-year-old had to be treated with breast cancer – thus, she became one of the youngest patients who suffered from this cancer. The story of three patients who became ill with breast cancer, shared the publication AsiaOne.

The first who drew attention to variations in the condition of the girl became her mother, who noticed on her daughter’s clothes traces of red discharge. After a few weeks on chest child caring mother felt seal.

Specialist, to whom she showed the daughter decided that the baby is happening precocious puberty. According to the doctor, a hormonal imbalance from a three-year girl was caused by food additives, from which, as he declared to the woman was to clean the child’s diet.

But mother, these arguments of the doctor seemed unconvincing. She decided to explore daughter at another hospital and there the doctors found a tumor in the region of the left breast. The biopsy showed that the three-year girl was the victim of a rare form of breast cancer – secretory carcinoma.

Prooperirovat baby, the doctors removed the tumor. According to them, breast cancer was treated at an early stage, – there is a high probability that a cancer they were able to get rid of completely.

Earlier Magicforum wrote about the scientists found relationships between the likelihood of breast cancer and maternal age at the time of birth. According to experts, daughters who are born to women older than 39 years have a higher risk of breast cancer. Increasing childbearing age the probability of breast cancer of their daughters in the future becomes even more significant, argue the researchers.