The owners of the companies will be microchipped employees like dogs

Very soon the body of their employees CEOs can install the microchips. Thus shall be strengthened the so-called IT security.

British companies are going to microchipping their employees are almost exactly the same as the owners of purebred dogs and cats chiprout their favorites. Biohax the Swedish company is negotiating with a number of legal and financial firms from the UK about the technology of installation of chips in the body of the employees. The size of these devices will not exceed a grain of rice, and the cost will be approximately £ 150. As expected, one of the first major clients will be financial services company, which employs hundreds of thousands of people.

Biohax founder and former specialist piercing Jovan, Osterlund argues that chipping employees can strengthen control over them. The fact that these companies recycle a lot of secret and very sensitive to customer information. These documents are not to lose, to quit, they must not be forgotten. Through chipping in Sweden were already 4,000 people, 85 of whom are employees of the tourist company TUI. The organizers of chipping to realize that not every person would agree to such a procedure.

These microchips similar to those used in domestic animals. They also used a technique similar to that used in Bank cards for contactless payment. In addition to restricting access to any space, these microchips can be used to purchase food in the dining room service, the passage to the office and work with any printers. (READ MORE)