The first hip prosthesis made of ceramics

A native of Sydney became the world’s first patient who received a hip prosthesis made of ceramics. It is expected that this material will help to get rid of many problems of metal prostheses.

43-year-old Anton Constantine, now living in Sydney, became the world’s first patient to receive a hip prosthesis, made of ceramic. Its creators are confident that the new material will cause far fewer problems than implants made of metal. The patient agreed to participate in the pilot study after faced with severe osteoarthritis. The disease deprived him of the opportunity to be active and even work as a project Manager. Earlier Anton quite often moved, made a lot of movements and went up the stairs, and now because of a disease he can’t even sleep at night, experiencing constant pain.

The hip replacement doctors resorted to as a means of last hope after other methods of treatment of osteoarthritis do not help. To such methods, in particular, include weight loss and non-drug treatment. Joint replacement is considered a more conservative procedure, which allows to keep most of the patient’s bone, however, until recently these operations were only used metal implants, causing a lot of side effects. They spoke implants from the market, their manufacturers paid millions in compensation to patients. In General, side effects have been associated with reactions to metal parts well, and the patients were suffering from severe pain.

New implant is made entirely of ceramic. Scientists believe that the results of these operations will be much more impressive. A particularly large effect ceramic implants hip joint needs to give women. (READ MORE)