The fat boy has lost 100 pounds

14-year-old from Delhi, whose name is Mihir railway for the first time was able to go to the movies after he managed to lose 100 pounds. Before that, he weighed 237 pounds and had the unofficial title of the most fat boy in the world, reported the Daily Mail.

Being the fattest boy in the world, railway could not move independently, he could walk down the street just this summer, in late June. Now he first time visited the theater.

Doctors young Indian in December 2017 have been given by the parents. Specialist said that the boy is the most difficult in the world among peers. At eight years Jail weighed 80 kilograms, and five had the habit to absorb in a large amount of fried foods and soda.

Boy experts prescribed diet pills, but his mother said that because of the drugs her son was very lethargic. Gradually railway was homeschooled, stopped to chat with friends.

After the last checkup the thickest boy in the world was sent to surgery to reduce the stomach. As a teenager I began to eat healthy food and exercise. As a result, he lost 100 pounds and was going to dump the pounds and then and “lose weight to normal size, to do more normal things.”

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