The disturbance of circadian rhythms leads to cancer

Scientists from the University of southern California (USA) found that disruption of the natural circadian rhythms can lead to cancer and threatens the development of chronic diseases. ОбэтойработеспециалистовпишетProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“Biological clock associated with cellular processes, and disruption of their timing can lead to the development of serious diseases, including diabetes and cancer,” stated researchers.
Experts explain: the natural circadian rhythms of the human body are set up on the daily activity and night rest. Therefore, in daylight hours start to synthesize hormones that promote activity, such as adrenaline. In the dark produces the sleep hormone melatonin that makes you to relax and fall asleep. Such circadian rhythms are not only sleeping and waking, but also metabolism, ingestion and digestion.

Violation of biorhythms provokes the development of various diseases, scientists say. If the person is awake nights, it is a failure of circadian rhythms and leads to diseases, including cancer.

The researchers found that circadian rhythms in organs such as the liver, kidney and intestine is closely associated protein called nuclear factor hepatocyte 4-alpha (NR2A1), encoded by the gene HNF4A. Mutations in HNF4A lead to the development of rare hereditary forms of diabetes and the dysregulation of gene to cancer. A contributing factor in the mutation may be a disturbance of circadian rhythms, the authors of the work.

Experts recommend a proper daily regime to reduce personal risk of developing cancer.

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