The cold climate contributes to alcoholism

Alcohol is known for its ability to “warm up”person – this effect voznikayuschaya that he is oncoretroviruses. Scientists said that it is largely for this reason, in cold climates people are starting significantly more likely to drink alcohol, and this habit contributes to the development of alcoholism.

A group of international scientists from Spain, the United States and Mexico made with the concept that the development of alcoholism may be related to climatic conditions. According to scientific experts, alcoholism frequently occurs in cold climates, this writes the journal Hepatology.

“People living in cold climates are prone to more frequent alcohol use, while among the population of the warmer regions, the consumption of alcohol is considerably lower,” – told the experts about the patterns they discovered.
Before coming to this conclusion, researchers analyzed data on the level of alcohol consumption in 193 countries, and then correlated them with climate in these countries, writes Hepatology. Research has shown that in cold climates there is often alcohol in cold countries, for example, more frequently documented cases of alcohol dependence and associated liver cirrhosis.

As already stated above, alcohol in cold conditions prefer a warming means. In addition, with his help, many struggle with depression and emotional problems in cold climates due to lack of sunlight and heat. Experts have noted that “bad weather increases the risk of psychological problems such as stress and depression” – this contributes to the growth needs in different kinds of antidepressants.

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