The authorities are ready to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes

U.S. regulators expressed the determination to prohibit the sale of menthol cigarettes. This intention was made only a few hours after the onset of plans on limiting the sale of scented electronic cigarettes, which young people often accustom themselves to the habit.

U.S. regulators are planning to ban the sale of cigarettes with menthol, also introducing a strict ban on realization of scented electronic cigarettes. Thus, they want to encourage young Americans are not used to Smoking. It is the menthol and other flavors of cigarette smoke to attract young people who have not smoked at all, the study shows. Officials from the Sanitation Department in the food and drug administration has declared that menthol cigarettes are particularly difficult to quit because their fragrance soothes the throat, thereby conducting a deeper injection of the calling dependence of nicotine.

In the United States among young people growing popularity of electronic cigarettes with various flavors, and it turns out that these devices teach young people to Smoking, although the initial aim of electronic cigarettes help in quitting cigarettes usual. That is why the authorities have prepared a series of strategies aimed at fighting traditional and flavored electronic cigarettes. Among the expected plans will be tough restrictions on the sale of aromatic products for Smoking online to persons under 18 years of age. At the present time, there occurs a large part of buying these cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes are in second place in popularity among young people after the electronic cigarettes, and their sales are also going to do tough enough.

However, before the implementation of the ban for the whole market may take at least two years. For the first time, the Sanitary Department has received evidence that menthol cigarettes are harder to quit, even in 2013. And only now, finally, its experts decided to proceed with the ban. (READ MORE)