Russia will simplify the receipt of disability

In Russia will soon be much easier to get disability, reported by the labor Minister Maxim Topilin. According to the Minister, will become the maximum simplified procedure of medico-social examination (MSE), the disabled do not have to go to ITU or clinic several times.

Topilin said that the simplification will concern the form, which is the main document for direction on mediko-social examination – in particular, the interaction between medical organizations and institutions ITU will be translated into the electronic document. It will save citizens applying for disability, from postmanipulation for additional surveys.

“The procedure of examination has become more comfortable for the citizens, organized transfer of documents from medical organizations (Bureau) mediko-social examination without the participation of the citizen. The disabled person will be excluded from this process – he will not have to go to ITU or clinic several times”, – said the head of the Ministry of labor.
The Minister noted that the list of examinations for each disease, which will allow to avoid mistakes when filling out the above form, developed jointly by the Ministry of labour and the Ministry of health. This list, according to Maxim Topilin, will help to avoid mistakes when filling, and also “will provide a completely different level of confidence in the information presented for decision-making, and will build more quality control.”

The Minister added that the new summary procedure of obtaining a disability gradually mastered regions, and in a year or two the bulk of the documents in connection with the receipt of disability will be transferred to the ITU in electronic form. This means that the participation of disabled people in this process will be excluded.

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