Protein prominin-1 was the instigator of the cancer

Experts at the Plymouth University bound protein prominin-1, also known as CD133, with the emergence of tumors. The instigator of cancer, according to scientists, could be an effective therapeutic target, the destruction of which will contribute to victory over the disease.

New work by scientists has shown that protein prominin-1 has a major impact on the process of tissue regeneration. Researchers believe that this protein is responsible for the reaction to protect the body from cancer stem cells: any defect in functions prominin-1 causes a disturbance in cellular activation. The consequence of such violations may be the development of tumors.

Experts say that the science gets more evidence that the development of cancer proteins can have a significant impact. Held in Israel, the study showed that the loss of one protein can result in polyps and cancer of the stomach. But proteins also can prevent cancer. In particular Notch protein protects against the development of brain cancer, NR2F1 protein from breast cancer.

As for the instigator of cancer, protein prominin-1, scientists have found that it has a mechanism for the transmission of its signals inside stem cells. Thus, prominin-1, further affect the function of these cells. Understanding this process allows you to catch cancer and fight it in the Bud. Effects on protein will help to avoid “euthanasia” of stem cells, which are natural fighters against cancer cells.

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