Men nurses contribute to career women

Experts at the University of Arizona (USA) took the unusual conclusion that men who are willing to babysit children, inspire their wives to make a successful career. Scientists have established that women who positively perceive the husbands of the nurses, more purposeful and focused on career success.

“Women’s perceptions of whether their husbands to stay home with the kids, or will work significantly affects their opinion on their own future,” stated the researchers.
Scientists have conducted a survey among single young women aged 18 to 25 years living in the United States and Canada. Socialists were interested in how their respondents see their future in 15 years. The participants were distributed newsletters about the role of men in the household. In some brochures it was argued that the number of male nurses, ready to look after a home and raising children – is growing and will grow for 20 years. In others the exact opposite.

Scientists have discovered that women who read the positive forecasts about the increase in the number of male nurses, would like to see myself in the future more successful in their careers. Women who are familiar with the predictions about the decline in the number of male nurses, on the contrary, their future was tied up with family troubles, and do not career.

Statistics show that in the US 70% of the families both husband and wife, but women are increasingly becoming the main breadwinners of the family.

“Women who believe that more and more men are seeking to babysit children automatically present themselves more successful in their careers because of the need to provide for the family,” he said in this regard, the authors of the work.
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