Mankind will never win cancer

Mankind may never be able to fully get rid of cancer. This opinion was expressed by the Nobel prize winners who developed the most up-to-date therapy.

The Nobel prize in physiology or medicine this year, the American James Ellison, and Japanese, Tasuku Honjo said that in the future mankind will be able to achieve considerable progress in the treatment of cancer, but the probability of complete victory over this insidious disease is very small.In October it became known that these scientists will receive the world’s most prestigious scientific award for their developments in the field of immunotherapy is the activation of natural defenses in the fight against tumors. To date, immunotherapy is the most promising direction in Oncology. Scientists are convinced that in a few decades is now considered incurable tumor will succumb to the efforts of the doctors, but the cancer of humanity will not get rid of.

First of all, we are talking about those tumors that cannot be prevented with a proper lifestyle. If you stop Smoking, improve nutrition and increase physical activity, as well as widespread vaccination against human papillomavirus can significantly reduce the number of lung tumors, cervical, intestinal, stomach and oral cavity, many other types of cancer, of genetic nature, will not be defeated. In addition, there are malignant tumors, the cause of which in General are still unknown to science.

But the good news is that even if after some time we will not be able to treat tumors, science will be the ability to translate them into the chronic phase, making something like diabetes. So, patients can live years or decades with cancer inside the body, which does not disappear, but is not growing, that is not life-threatening. However, they life will have to take medication. (READ MORE)