In the list of healthy countries of Russia in 90th place, and Ukraine, 137

Experts have published a ranking out of 149 countries in terms of the health of the population. Russia was one of the last places among the African countries.

Experts from the Legatum Institute has published a list of the healthy and unhealthy countries in the world. It is headed by Singapore, followed by Luxembourg, Japan, Switzerland, Qatar, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. Bottom of the rating almost entirely from Africa, but Russia is located in the second half of the list on milopotamou 90-th row. In terms of the health of the population we are still slightly surpass Georgia, Armenia and Rwanda, but inferior to Peru, Botswana, Tunisia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Romania, Algeria, Vietnam and many other countries.

Much higher in this ranking Belarus occupies the 75th place. On 74-m, strangely enough, is one of the poorest CIS countries, Tajikistan. 72nd place is Lithuania, 68th Kazakhstan, 65th – Kyrgyzstan. China is on the 54th place Turkey on a 50 – m, Estonia at the 44th, Poland – 41-m, UK – on the 26th, and the US – to 35-m. Ukraine is located in 137 th place, behind the level of health of the population of Liberia, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Cameroon, Togo, Mali and even Iraq. This is a very significant drop in rankings for our neighbors.

Well, completing the list of the countries such as Central African Republic, CHAD, Guinea, Madagascar, Benin, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Nigeria. However, some States have recorded significant progress in level the duration of the population. For example, in Zimbabwe over the last decade, this indicator increased for 15 years. And this despite the fact that Zimbabwe is among the poorest countries in the world. We see that the material security of the population is not always in direct connection with his health. (READ MORE)