In the body open the recovery mechanism

There is a signal path that starts in the human body, the recovery mechanism, which allows him to “repaired” for injuries and diseases. According to scientists, this sorriderai self-healing. They were opened by the experts of Case Western Reserve University in the United States.

Open scientists recovery mechanism is that in case of injury the body uses glucose not to generate energy, and for regeneration of damaged tissues. This produces special molecules that promote a similar “repair”.

However, the body can not be in recovery mode for a long time and returns to normal functions, even if the repair of the injury is not completed to the end. The researchers were able to understand how to enhance the regeneration process, directing glucose towards bodily recovery. Their work has shown that nitric oxide is able to disable the protein PKM2, influencing glucose, and thereby prolong the period of recovery. In turn to stop the action of nitric oxide and to return the body to normal way to waste glucose for energy production can protein AKR1A1.

Scientists tested on mice open their recovery mechanism of the body. According to scientific experts, they were able so to stimulate the “cascade reactions, which successfully stopped the progressive kidney disease in rodents”.

The study is still continuing, as you need to understand how to better manage РКМ2 and protein AKR1A1. Scientists believe that open their technology will eventually allow you to stop the progression of serious diseases of the internal organs and help the body to recover faster to a healthy level.

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