Found a protein that protects against dangerous diseases

According to The Guardian, scientists have found that bee Royal jelly contains protein, analogous to that present in the human body. Was found by experts protein plays the role of a protector from dangerous diseases and disorders associated with cell death.

Royal jelly is a nutritious mass, which feed on the larvae of honeybees. The protein that is found in it, now known as realaction. According to scientists, the connection “wakes up” genes, under the action of which stem cells actively updated.

Attempts to detect protein, such realaction, in the human body, success: researchers had found a protein with a very similar structure. The researchers found that a protein in the human body, called Regina, displays maximum activity at an early embryonic stage of development. In the organism of adults the protein is not active. According to scientists, this protein creates a stock of stem cells.

Scientists believe that a protein found may be effective as a means of therapy of dangerous diseases.

“Realaction bees and Regina in humans appeared as a result of similar evolutionary processes. This protein is of great importance for the development of the body and can help in the treatment of disorders associated with cell death: Alzheimer’s disease, heart failure, muscular dystrophy,” explained the study authors.
The protein sample was found, the researchers plan to develop drugs with the same action.

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