First aid for epilepsy

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What is epilepsy

Looks like an epileptic seizure?

First aid for epileptic seizure

Quite often a situation where someone needed first aid in the most unexpected places. For such a turn of events rarely willing, as they do not have proper knowledge. But Magicforum decided to remedy this situation: in this article we will tell you how to provide first aid for epilepsy.

What is epilepsy

Seizures during epilepsy begins when the brain becomes intense electric pulses. They can affect one part of the brain. This indicates a partial seizure. If the pulses affect both hemispheres, we are talking about a generalized attack. Impulses are transmitted to muscles, which causes cramps, characterized by seizures.

The main causes of the disease include lack of oxygen during fetal development, birth trauma, meningitis or encephalitis, and brain tumors, strokes or congenital features of the structure of the brain. Unfortunately, determining the precise cause of the disease may not even the most thorough examination. Most often epilepsy affects children and the elderly, but the disease can appear at any stage of life. Despite this, it is possible to identify some factors that cause epilepsy.

  • Stress
  • Large amounts of alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Lack of sleep
  • Hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle
  • Abuse of antidepressants
  • Premature rejection of special treatment if any was assigned.

Looks like an epileptic seizure?

All of the above gives a General idea about the epilepsy. Of course, from a medical point of view it’s much more difficult. The most important thing a person needs to know — looks like an epileptic seizure and what should be first aid.

Attack, as it seems, always very sudden. The patient screams, then faints. During the tonic phase, the muscles tense, breathing is hampered, it results in blue lips. Then cramps come into the clonic phase, when all the limbs begin to stretch and relax. It looks like a normal twitch, which usually recognize an epileptic seizure. Usually from the mouth of a epileptic’s foaming. Also during epilepsy patients often bite down on the tongue, inner surface of the cheeks, perhaps an involuntary bowel movement, bladder, profuse salivation or vomiting. After having a seizure on the patient, causing fatigue, drowsiness. He might have a headache, or memory problems.

First aid for epileptic seizure

First, you need to leave panic, not to worry. A person who is willing and able to provide first aid to the victim, takes responsibility for his health. It is therefore important to be of sound mind, which should not be controlled by emotions.

Second, with your sick, got epilepsy, you need to be always. After the attack necessary to help the patient to recover, to calm him down. Throughout the attack you need to talk with the person softly, without nerves and aggression.

Third, inspect the area where the attack happened. If there are no threatening moments, it is not necessary to move the patient. Move all furniture and items that hinder and that could hurt the patient. It is also important in the first moments to time to prevent the human fall on the floor or ground, so as that he can hit his head and get injured. During a seizure keep your head or put her on her knees, to prevent injury.

Fourth, be sure to note the start time of the attack. This will help the doctors. Don’t forget to call an ambulance if the seizure lasts more than five minutes. The fact is that too long epileptic seizures can cause irreversible changes in the cells of the brain.

Fifth, the patient should be on the ground, under it is necessary to put anything soft. So less likely that an epileptic will receive bruises and other damage, while giving him first aid. In any case, do not try to shift the person to another place or transport it.

Sixth, do not need power in the mouth of the patient nothing. Also during first aid do not try to unclench the patient’s jaw, placing in between solid objects. There is a huge probability that during the next stress people accidentally bite you or you will smash your teeth.

Seventh, upon completion of an epileptic seizure put the person in a comfortable place in a convenient position. The most effective will be lying on its side. You must make sure that breathing is normal, should check the airway, because they can block food debris, dentures, and other irregularities. If person has difficulty breathing, call an ambulance.

Finally, remember that after first aid it is impossible to leave the patient. Should stay with him for some time. Besides, if people get hurt or for the first attack is immediately followed by the second, it is best to immediately call an ambulance.

You also need to know that epilepsy is not a death sentence, not the first, not you last. In this disease the millions of people lead quite normal and fulfilling life. With the right approach to treatment and regular medical follow-up, the patient provided a good life. Besides to each close to as well as friends and colleagues need to know about diagnosis and methods of first aid in the event that always come to the rescue.