Expensive chemotherapy drugs included in the list of essential

Expensive medicines designed for chemotherapy, were included in the list of vital and essential drugs (VED), as notified by the assistant Minister of health Vitaly Fleck. According to Fleck, the list of essential drugs was updated and expanded in connection with the approved December 10, the program of state guarantees.

“List updated, expanded, modern, most effective, expensive drugs for chemotherapy of cancer patients,” said Vitaly Fleck.
On Monday 10 December, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the program of state guarantees free medical care to 2019-2021 years. In accordance with the plan, funding of medicines from the list vital will increase in General. This program provides for the inclusion of modern and expensive drugs for chemotherapy in the EDL confirmed Fleck.

“The program of state guarantees appeared first on standard in “Oncology” as in the volume of care provided in the daytime and around the hospitals and standards of financial security. Only to drugs will be additionally allocated 70 billion rubles”, – said the assistant Minister.
Also in the program of state guarantees included measures aimed at early detection of cancer, said Vitaly Fleck.
In addition, a new program was cut by half the waiting time of diagnosis. The patient with cancer, his disease can not wait for such examination within 30 days, said the assistant Minister.

“The government sets a limit on the waiting time of these surveys, up to 14 days. To include CT, MRI, angiography and other diagnostic studies, without which it is difficult to put the diagnosis”, – has informed Vitaly Fleck.
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