As a man to defend himself from a heart attack?

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Why men suffer from heart attack?

How to protect a man’s heart?

According to statistics, from cardiovascular disease, particularly heart attack, suffer more often than men. Unfortunately, the stronger sex lost in this weak. It is known that men in Russia live on average 60 years, women — 72 years. And to a greater extent the fault of the deaths of men are cardiovascular diseases. The infarction becomes younger — strong and young men suffer from it more often.

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Why men suffer from heart attack?

Often with heart attacks face a man aged 23-44 years. These are the results of expert studies from Boston University. In Russia the number of deaths for this reason quite large — 2,700 deaths happen every day because of cardiovascular diseases. This is for a number of reasons, including explaining why men suffer from heart attack more often.

In particular, statistics on the impact of unhealthy lifestyle, Smoking, alcohol abuse. The reasons of heart attack in men are constant stress, improper diet, increased physical activity, a large number of chronic pathologies, which are only increasing.

Also widely known is the fact that men are quite negligent towards their health. They are most often women suffer any pain, do not pay attention to the symptoms that indicate the development of pathology, prefer to endure, not to go to the doctor. It is important that men who are prone to a heart attack, was at hand for the woman, which time wise to go to the doctors to avert the consequences.

Of course, heart attack and stalking women, is immune, no one. But he comes at them 10-15 years later. Why is this happening? Scientists believe that the reason lies in the peculiar combination of genes that protect the female heart from serious diseases. It is known that cells in the female body are living longer, often updated, and men — on the contrary. This becomes the cause of early pathology in the representatives of the stronger sex. Other researchers believe that women’s hormones protect estrogens that possess anti-atherosclerotic action in the reproductive age until menopause. Men is responsible testosterone whose production is declining after 40-45 years and declining each year. A deficiency of this hormone causes the growth of adipose tissue, the thinness of the blood vessels. This causes irritability, depression, decrease libido, erectile dysfunction and, of course, heart problems.

How to protect a man’s heart?

There are a number of preventive measures that will help to protect against heart attack the representative of the stronger sex. The first thing to pay attention to your diet — the food must be balanced. From what eats man, depends on the health of his heart. You must include in your menu whole grain products, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish and seafood, legumes.

In addition to the products that you need to eat to protect against heart attack, important and method of their preparation. Most suitable are boiling, steaming, baking, stewing.

Don’t forget to watch sugar and salt. Their overabundance can be formed, the risk of hypertension and subsequently heart attack. The maximum number of deaths from heart attacks recorded in Japan, where people consume more than 25-30 grams of salt a day, but the recommended intake is only 6 grams. Be sure to pay attention to this indicator.

Another best method of protection from a heart attack is the rejection of alcohol and tobacco. Most interesting is that even passive Smoking is extremely harmful for the heart, regardless of gender and age.

Be sure to include in your life exercise. This is especially true for middle-aged men who are years lazy and relax. At least three hours a week, pay it training. Do not have to go to the gym, a personal trainer that will also be effective. Certainly much better than lying on the sofa with chips and beer!

In a man’s life must be more than a walk. Sometimes replacing a car or public transport to Hiking, climb the stairs instead of the Elevator. This will keep the heart in good shape. By the way, coupled with exercises that will get rid of the fat, which only contributes to a heart attack.

And last, the most enjoyable Board for everyone who wants to protect themselves from a heart attack — keep an active sex life. It is known that for men is extremely important. Not only because it gives pleasure, but also has a positive effect on health. The most optimal scientists call twice a week. This is a great workout for the heart, and maintain hormonal levels.