Among the most dangerous diseases of the circulatory system the Russians have a leader ischemia

The health Ministry told about the most dangerous diseases of the circulatory system that affect the Russians. The most common in this series were ischemic heart disease.

Cases of ischemic heart disease or ischemia, the Russians make up almost half of the deaths from diseases of the circulatory system – 47%, as reported, said chief cardiologist of Ministry of health for the northwestern, Volga, North-Caucasian and southern Federal districts Evgeny Shlyakhto. In addition, according to the Agency, a major share (30 percent) in the statistics of deaths from diseases of the circulatory system account for cerebrovascular disease.

It prevention of these diseases should be addressed and send to her resources, said the cardiologist. According to him, “if we reduce the mortality rate from myocardial infarction by 50 percent, it will lead to the reduction of mortality of 3.5 per cent”.

Ischemia or ischemic heart disease is a syndrome associated with acute or chronic myocardial damage resulting from breaches in the blood circulation due to pathological processes in the system of coronary arteries. A form of ischemia may be angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure.

Cerebrovascular disease is a collective term that unites different defeats of vessels of a brain arising in connection with the violation of cerebral circulation. The most serious consequence of such violations include ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, vascular stenosis, aneurysm, hypertensive encephalopathy, cerebral arteritis, thrombosis and occlusion of the vessels.

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