Watch Kaavia James' Hilarious Reaction When Someone Tries to Eat Too Many of Her Snacks

Kaavia “ShadyBaby” James is back and she’s putting her foot down when it comes to her pretzels. The 3-year-old’s Instagram account — which is likely run by her parents, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade — posted a video of the little one sharing her bag of pretzels with someone. Only, he takes multiple pretzels from her. Kaavia promptly removes the bag from his hands and turns on her heel…because that’s how it’s done.

“When sharing isn’t caring,” the caption alongside the video read. “That man asked for 1 pretzel. This is why I have trust issues. Happy Monday. #MondayMotivation.”

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The comments on the video were equally hilarious as a number of people chimed in to back Kaavia on her decision to walk away. One person wrote: “Kaav said you’ve had enough. Ima head out.” Another added: “Kaav was like you’re doing too much sir, bye.’” Wade responded to the video with a heart-eye emoji and Union quipped,  “Kaav was like ‘noted.’”

This is one of the many, many times that Kaavia has shown she means business and you probably shouldn’t mess with her. Over the weekend, Union captured a video of her toddler wearing shades, a purse and looking at her phone. “Kaavia, where are you going?” Union asks her daughter. “Going to a meeting,” Kaavia responds, with complete seriousness.

Booked and Busy,” the caption — aptly — read. 

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Kaavia is not only super cool and super swamped but she’s also the subject of a whole book, which Union and Wade penned together, called “Shady Baby.” “Shade is her superpower because when Kaavia gives you a look, it’s either you’re not respecting her boundaries or something is happening that she doesn’t like,” Union told People in 2021. “The main takeaway is that she’s free to be this amazing, dynamic, shady at times, loving at times Black little girl when the world has not been so kind to Black girls and women.”

The actress noted that Kaavia has been her wonderful shady self for her whole life. Back in 2020, she called the little one “the George Carlin of babies” during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.  “She’s pure comedy, but absolutely dead serious,” Union explained. “She’s just stone-faced. She is unbothered and unimpressed at all times.”

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