This Reddit Dad Criticizes His Teen Son For Driving 'Like a Woman' & Then Wonders Why He's The AH

Go ahead and check your mirrors and buckle up, dear reader, because this AITA Reddit post is a jolting ride. One dad mistakenly took to the internet on Sunday to share his tale of woe about his teenage son who is learning how to drive.

When the father-son duo started practicing together, his son was “sometimes too hesitant” and “lacked confidence” when merging on the freeway and changing lanes. We agree with OP when he said this hesitance and driving too slow can be dangerous.

“When he does [this], I would tell him he is driving like a woman,” this dad wrote.

Oh. No. He. Did. Not.

At this point, many readers stopped reading and jumped to the comments to say they didn’t need to hear another word from this a—hole. And you know what? We wouldn’t blame you if you decided to do the same. It’s Monday, it’s 2023, and we know you’re tired of this sh*t.

“I did not mean it in a bad way,” OP said. Are you kidding me? You said he was a dangerous driver and then likened it to driving “like a woman,” but you “didn’t mean it in a bad way?”

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