Reddit Can’t Believe this Woman’s Petty MIL Sent Her an Invoice for Broken Furniture—& That’s Just the Start

The latest drama on the AITA subreddit revolves around an a**hole mother-in-law, and the unfortunate (but reasonable!) placement of her daughter-in-law’s a**.

The DIL said she and her husband recently went to his parents’ house, and she accidentally cracked an outdoor chair when she sat down. She apologized profusely and asked what she can do, but everyone in attendance said it was fine and that accidents happen (duh!).

You will not be surprised to hear that in the MIL’s eyes, everything was not fine.

“My husband told me that my MIL sent him an invoice for $200 for the chair,” the woman said. “She did not send the invoice to me because she didn’t think I could afford to replace her ‘not cheap’ chair.”

It’s a ridiculous to begin with, but add it to the fact that the MIL repeatedly comments about how her son is the breadwinner (which was not always the case), and it’s downright outrageous.

“I slept on the matter and decided to send her a diplomatic message saying that I won’t be coming to her house anymore because I’m afraid I’ll break more expensive things. I told her my husband is a grown man and is free to go as he wishes, and I will not prevent him from seeing her, but I have had enough with all her antics.”

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