Hilary Duff Posted About Her ‘Kid Invaded’ House & It’s So Relatable

After having kids, the standards for a clean house are inevitably lowered. Pre-kids, maybe you liked pristine counters, preferred immediately putting away clean clothes, and enjoyed non-cluttered surfaces and sparkling floors. But now that you live with little mess-makers, the littlest things can make you happy. Like walking across the living room without stepping on a LEGO or washing a cup of milk before it spoils. Hilary Duff, mom of 3, can relate. She recently posted on Instagram about trying to find a space in her house that wasn’t invaded by kid stuff, and I’ve never felt more seen.

In an Instagram post Thursday, the How I Met Your Father star shared three photos of herself posing in a blue floral dress. She’s sitting on a chair in the corner next to a colorful rug, and a brown wood cabinet decorated with a vase, art print, and round mirror over it. It’s a stylishly decorated part of the house — but Duff didn’t choose it for its aesthetic appeal. She needed to pose in this area because it wasn’t invaded by kids!


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“Running out of non kid invaded spaces in my house for this stuff…” she captioned the photo. Honestly, same!

Duff is mom to Luca, 10, with ex Mike Comrie, and Banks, 3, and Mae, 1, with husband Matthew Koma. It’s a full house, so it makes sense that’s it’s hard for her to find a space that isn’t overrun with sports equipment, dirty laundry, toys, and baby accessories. Not even celebrities can keep up with the chaos.

Moms understood. One person commented, “That’s a struggle over here too 😝.” Another wrote, “
Lol, there is nowhere to hide 😳.”

Despite the invasion of kid stuff, Duff looks absolutely radiant in her photos. Koma commented, “Body on point.”

Maybe it was also hard for her to find a space that wasn’t filled with pictures of the Jonas Brothers. Either way, we’re glad Duff can find the humor in the situation. If we all have messy houses, it’s OK, right?

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