Diwali 2018: Get the kids to help with house cleaning

Diwali is the festival of lights and colours, a time when we welcome prosperity and happiness not just into our lives but in our home as well. Besides decorating the house with earthen pots and fairy lights, we also believe in cleaning every corner of the house to welcome a feeling of positivity. It’s a great idea to involve kids in the chores as you de-clutter and freshen up the home.

Sort out old toys

Ask your kids to separate the toys they do not play with anymore. Instead of hoarding them, you can donate them to the less privileged. This will serve the purpose of sorting out the mess and help someone in need as well.

Ask kids to clean their room

Kids are often reluctant when it comes to cleaning and are often responsible for creating a mess. Ask them to help out by making their beds, sorting out their cupboards, bookshelves and shoe racks. To encourage them, reward them with their favourite cookies or shake at the end of the day.

Avoid involve them in dusting

Children are often allergic to dust and dirt, so try to keep them away from it. You can seek their help in arranging and sorting things, like folding clothes, stacking items on shelves, putting up curtains, etc.

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Make charity boxes

To make it fun while you are cleaning the house, set up different donation boxes for clothes, toys and other stuff. Give the piles of clothes and toys to your kids. Ask them to sort them out and put in the dedicated boxes.

Put the extras in the storeroom

While you collect the extras from the room, ask your kids to help out by placing them in the storeroom or attic. This will be a great help when you’re going it alone and teach kids some cleaning tips as well.

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Teach them the value of cleaning

Your kids should understand the importance of maintaining a clean home, so that they value the effort behind it. You can also talk about the customs and traditions around the festive season as well.

Practice teamwork

Teamwork always helps to accomplish a task easily and in an efficient manner. Assign tasks to your kids and make a team. Try to keep the older one in charge. It will become a fun game for all of you.

Ask them to design rangoli

Engage your kids in designing the welcome rangoli. Make sure they use herbal colours. Also, they can choose their own style or design which excites them.

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