Celebrity Vegans Tell Us How They Keep Their Diets on Track

As plenty of Hollywood stars know, eating vegetarian or vegan can be the way to go for health or lifestyle reasons. And while some celebrities eat plant-based diets quietly, others want to shout out their dedication to animal-free products from the rooftops.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z, for instance, challenged fans to go vegan for 22 days in the intro to Marco Borges’ book The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World. Beyoncé also ate a strict vegan diet to get in shape for Coachella 2018 after weighing in at 175 pounds following the birth of her twins. The Carters are big proponents of going at least partially vegan for both health reasons and to help the environment.

Actresses Natalie Portman and Alicia Silverstone have both eschewed animal products for ethical reasons for years, and have been vocal about their eating choices. Portman, who had been a vegetarian since her she was a teenager and became vegan after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s 2009 book Eating Animals, told Us in 2018 that she’s found plenty of delicious substitutes for foods that she would have otherwise missed. “There’s, like, tempeh bacon, you know, coconut milk, yogurt, cheese is made out of cashews and all sorts of delicious things that they’ve figured out that are great replacements for those things you crave,” said the Oscar winner.

Carrie Underwood, Lea Michele, Jenna Dewan and Ellie Goulding are also well-known vegan (or mostly vegan) stars. As Michele has told Us, she focuses on eating green most of the time for her personal health and wellness. “I keep my home completely vegan, which I think is one of the most important things,” the Glee alum told Us in 2017. “If you keep your home healthy, then, when you’re reaching for snacks, you’re not reaching for bad things. So, I stock it with fruits and vegetables.”

As anyone who steers clear of meat and dairy knows, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Sometimes, it depends on knowing a great vegan replacement option for an ingredient in the recipe. At other times, learning about the best new vegan snack food or brand can be the biggest help — because, hey, everyone gets the munchies!

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