A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Sofia Richie's Intense Dogpound Workout

Sofia Richie, 21, is the queen of posting half-naked photos on Instagram for her 5.9 million Instagram followers. On Sunday, November 24, the model took a break from sharing beach vacation pics to give her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her Dogpound workout in L.A. — and damn, it was intense.

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The social media star tagged the gym’s founding trainer, Kevin Mejia, in over 10 video clips documenting the thorough sweat-sesh that she plowed through with friend Vas J Morgan. She began her routine in a black T-shirt, high-waisted grey leggings and sneakers and quickly ditched the top after reverse lunges to reveal a cleavage-baring black sports bra.

After the lunges, Richie moved into a set of exercises using a resistance band, which included 180 degree monster walks with a squat, plus bent-over rows and RDL’s with weight. Next, she grabbed a mat and jumped into donkey kicks, followed by side lunges with an overhead press, reverse sit-ups and then sit-ups with a single-arm press. Ouch!

It wasn’t until one of the last exercises in the series that the model expressed any discomfort. She laid on her mat with a container of boxed water by her side giving every last bit of effort she had to do banded clamshells. She created a text overlay on the video that said, “PAIN,” but all we could see was abs!

To conclude the workout, she grabbed one of those blue resistance bands once again and wrapped it just above her knees to do standing hip extensions. Later than evening, Richie posted a video of a delightful food spread at Papi Steak in Miami, proving that she may workout hard, but she rewards herself hard, too.

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