Women are called bearded men the most attractive

Psychologists have concluded that men with beards are more attractive. At least according to thousands of women who participated in the study.

The representatives of the strong sex who hate to shave every day, you can from now on not to do it. The study showed that men with facial hair seem more attractive to women than a well-shaved. 8 500 women rated the attractiveness as bearded and beardless men. The authors of the study wanted to find out how the masculinity of facial features and brodacast affect male attractiveness to build short-term and long-term relationships.

Overall, women showed gladkovybrityh men who have a 5-day and 10-day stubble, and stiff fibers aged at least 4 weeks and a full beard. The study showed that stiff bristles is the most attractive. Behind her in the list are a light stubble, then a full beard. Well, in the last place according to the degree of attraction was the smoothly shaved men. A light stubble was perceived by the women most suitable for short-term relationship, but if women wanted something serious, they chose a real beard.

Scientists came to the conclusion that typical masculine facial features like a wide jaw and overhanging brow, which are supposed to indicate the age of the man and his social domination, are not the necessary characteristics which women look for when seeking long-term partners. And if men want to increase the chances in this matter, they need to grow a beard. (READ MORE)