Weight loss in adulthood undermines health

Scientists from the University of Minnesota studied how at different stages of life people are trying to control their weight, and as a result became convinced that often people start to resort to various methods of weight loss in adolescence, and in adulthood can only exacerbate this tendency. The work of specialists showed, that passion is not the healthiest methods of weight loss can undermine health.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the debilitating methods of weight loss are not limited to the period of adolescence – people often continue to follow them after 15 years.

“These methods of weight loss and weight control as body cleansing, fasting and certain diets are associated with occurs over time health problems”, – said the expert.
According to them, attempts to lose weight often contribute to digestive disorders, depression, and substance abuse.

The study showed that with age, both men and women are puzzled with weight problems and have attempted to follow some diet. For example, scientists have found that at the age of 25 years to 31 years for men trying to lose weight, sitting on the diet, five times a year or more. In addition, with age, frequent use of extreme methods of weight loss, including cleansing the body and diet pills, the researchers noted.

“About 20% of both sexes reported that they began to diet in adulthood. Usually both men and women in adulthood tend to adhere to those practices which undermine health weight loss, to which they resorted in his youth,” said the authors of the project.
Now researchers are trying to identify those risk factors that can lead to unhealthy practice of weight control in adults.

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