This is dangerous to drink cucumber pickle

Do you know how dangerous to health may be cucumber pickle? Do not forget: its use is a burden on the heart.

Medical professionals tell who is dangerous to drink cucumber pickle.

Cores. Drink the pickle people, who have problems with cardiovascular system can be quite dangerous. Still, the main component of the brine is salt, and in large quantities. Loading dose of salt in brine cucumber can contribute to the water retention in the tissues, and increased blood volume. As a result, immediately grows the load on the heart is forced to miss a significant amount of liquid. Those who have experienced a heart attack, the brine is better to just forget.

People with kidney problems and digestive tract. Saturated with salt, cucumber pickle threat in kidney disease, hepatitis, pancreatitis and cholecystitis – the people with these ailments after its use can dramatically worsen the condition.

Victims of varicose veins.Doctors strongly advise to refrain from drinking cucumber pickle patients with varicose veins. Fluid retention in the body because of its high concentration of salt contributes to edema in the legs and increased venous volume.

Holders of a sensitive stomach. In addition to salt in cucumber pickle quite a lot of vinegar. Minimal doses of vinegar even tones, but in a large extent hazardous to health. The brine stimulates the growth of acidity that irritates the mucous membranes of the digestive system, so it is dangerous to drink with a sensitive stomach and a tendency to heartburn. Frequent consumption of brine can lead to the development of gastritis, ulcers, and to contribute to the development of liver cirrhosis, warned experts.

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