The rejection of pension and sex will help you live 10 years longer

Don’t go on a pension and often have sex. A new study has shown scientifically proven ways to live 10 years longer.

Who of us would refuse to live 5-10 years longer, and even spend those years healthy without any serious, chronic illnesses? It all depends on our own attitudes to the lifestyle that we lead. In August scientists of Harvard University called the 5 rules that add 10 years of life. Among them was a balanced diet, reducing stress levels, regular check-UPS from physicians, exercise and moderate drinking. All the obvious things that every schoolboy knows. But there is the less known ways of increasing life expectancy, the effectiveness of which proven by science.

To begin with, to behave and to feel not your age. If you feel young inside, dressed in youth fashion, moving around a lot, interested in everything new, traveling, and actively meeting with friends, it will rejuvenate you, even if the age has passed to seventy. Research shows that the most successful centenarians have a very positive attitude to their own age, and they always make me feel younger. Refrain from early retirement, which is for some people the last frontier in my life before traveling to the cemetery. If only my job didn’t bring you just stress and continue to be, at least in smaller quantities (if you brings, then find a new one!). This reduces the risk of death from all causes at the age of 66 years at 11%.

Do not assume that older age is not suitable for parenthood. With children people live at least two years longer than those who don’t. If your children have grown up, you focus on grandkids. If you spend a lot of time in the hospital, it also reduces life expectancy. In General, hospitals are very dangerous places that are swarming with different superbugs. Enter active life, drink a Greek coffee, get enough sleep and often have sex. (READ MORE)