The most useful rules of hygiene after sex

We all know how important it is to have safe sex for your health. But German experts have called a few very useful hygienic habits that you should follow after love.

Many women resort to vaginal soul after sex, but it must be remembered that this shower may increase the risk of infections. The fact that the vagina has a natural film, which protects the body from bacteria and such in the shower, it just washed away.Some moderate odor from the vagina is absolutely normal, and to not worry.

During sex bacteria can get into your urethra, from the bladder which takes urine to the outside. After sex it is better to visit the toilet and empty your bladder. Also, don’t forget to use a napkin or toilet paper to prevent the spread of infection.

After sex don’t forget to drink more water. When you use water, you often visit the toilet and thereby washed the body, protecting it from possible infections of the urinary tract.

During lovemaking you’ve probably touched the genitals of your partner, so it will be useful just to wash your hands with soap and water. In General, hand washing should become your habit associated with sex.

Deprived of air, sweaty areas of the body are a great Playground for bacteria and fungi, which breed here. Wear loose clothing to allow air to the body. Women should avoid wearing tight tight panties and bras, it is better to wear only during foreplay and sex itself to “make” partner. In ordinary life, stick to loose clothing. (READ MORE)